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The dog days of summer are upon us and with it comes gatherings and parties (with social distancing of course)! This time of year brings baby showers and weddings, birthday parties and of course summer barbecues. You’re getting excited to
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Sedation Dentist Near Me Loudoun County VA
Going to the dentist may not necessarily be your favorite activity. But for many people, dental visits are a huge source of stress and anxiety. Whether you had a traumatic experience with a dentist in your past or your inexperience
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Originally posted here. The dog days of summer in Northern VA are here, and many of us are cooling down on these hot days with iced cold beverages and sweet treats. But before you indulge too much in those party
Local Kids Dentists
More than 40% of children will have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. As a parent, this can be easily avoided by instilling a healthy brushing habit in your child’s routine. This brushing habit will defend their teeth
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Skin damage from cell phones
You know the drill: The “Weekly Screen Time Report” pops up on your phone and the number has you do a double-take. If your screen time is up an astronomical amount since isolation began, it’s not a coincidence. Work meetings,
Skin Care
If you’re experiencing dental pain, your first step should be a trip to the dentist. However, some dental issues constitute more cause for emergency than others. Of course, if you think you have a dental emergency on your hands, it’s

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