DermaFrac Micro Needling Skin Rejuvenation

Technology is significantly changing the beauty industry as continuous innovation leads to a rapid rise in people seeking treatment for skin rejuvenation. Wrinkles and lines appear as we age, but there is a remedy to consider. Skin rejuvenation procedures eliminate imperfections, improve health, and achieve younger-looking skin.

An Overview of DermaFrac

Skin regeneration helps eliminate pigmentation and acne. The technique offers you refined and even-toned skin. Also, it eliminates cell accumulation and opens pores to improve your skin health. The OWM Integrative Wellness DermaFrac Micro Needling Skin Rejuvenation treatment combines micro needling and serum input to achieve the best results.

DermaFrac is an enhanced treatment that offers the best and most lasting solution to aging skin. It is effective in improving your skin health and beauty. The treatment has several steps to complete effectively. First, the surgeon will determine how deep to create channels on the skin and the amount of serum to input. Then, prepare the skin surface for the treatment.

After preparation, the next step is to make pores through micro needling and infuse serum deep in the skin through pores using needles. The skin will respond to the procedures and regenerate naturally. Lastly, DermaFrac treatment utilizes red and blue LED light to eliminate pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles. Skin cells will reproduce faster through collagen production, and the procedures help stimulate the action.

What to Expect

The procedure aims at stimulating collagen production and cell reproduction. A cosmetic surgeon uses needles to create spaces in your skin and, at the same time, input anti-aging serum. Every step is necessary to improve the effects of treatment. Unlike other dermabrasion therapies, the  DermaFrac Micro Needling procedure goes deep into the skin to exfoliate the cells thoroughly.

Although you can undertake each technique independently, having them simultaneously will have better results. You will be attending one session a week for six weeks. But, you can have two therapies a week to reduce the treatment duration. Light therapy will take about 30 minutes to complete, while less than an hour for Dermatac treatment. It is essential to go for maintenance twice or more each year.

On the other hand, you can get back to your everyday activities after the procedure. It is non-invasive since the needles do not reach the nerves as it only creates pores on the epidermis. Therefore, it is an unpainful therapy to improve your skin. The treated area may swell and become red because of micro needling. However, the surgeon will give you a post-treatment program to monitor how your body responds to treatment. Ensure you follow the instructions to get the best outcome in your skin rejuvenation treatment.   


It is beneficial to tell the surgeon about your medical history and previous medication. The information will ensure better treatment. In addition, do not do irritating skin beauty therapies two weeks before your DermaFrac Micro Needling skin rejuvenation procedure. It would help to enquire about what you should do to prepare for the treatment. Not ready to come into the office yet, then schedule a secure online video appointment today.

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