Potential Health Risks from Poor Oral Health

Similar to other body areas, your mouth usually teems with bacteria, which is mostly harmless. However, your mouth can be the entry point to your respiratory and digestive tracks, and some bacteria may cause different diseases.

Usually, the body’s natural defenses and better oral health care, like flossing, brushing, and using Livfresh dental gel, keep bacteria at bay.

But without proper oral health care, bacteria may reach a level, which can result in oral infection and illnesses, such as the following:

1.     Heart Disease

Individuals with gum disease are usually twice likely to have heart or coronary artery disease than people without it. When individuals have this condition, it is usually believed that bacteria from their mouth may get into the bloodstream.

Bacteria produce proteins. This may affect their heart by causing platelets in the blood, thereby causing clots to form. Blood clots may as well minimize normal blood flow, making the heart not get the required oxygen and nutrients.

2.     Infertility

Although some individuals may not understand how poor oral health might result in infertility, bad teeth, which have been poorly taken care of, can negatively impact your body.

For instance, poor oral health may result in gum disease. If women get severe gum disease, the condition might come along with different long-term health problems, making it conceiving difficult.

3.     Cancer

Most professionals have researched and analyzed the subject of people with periodontal disease and the risks of getting diagnosed with cancer.

As things turn out, men suffering from gum disease are nearly 50% likely to get diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas or kidney cancer.

They are as well more likely to get diagnosed with cancer in the blood. This is a major reason to consider practicing good oral and dental health.

4.     Tooth Loss

Among the most serious risks of poor oral health is tooth loss. Basically, tooth loss due to gum disease or decay is normally accompanied by discomfort and pain.

And if you lose your teeth, there will be a loss of functionality too. The solution for this condition includes options like dentures, bridges, and dental implants.

5.     Diabetes

If you have this condition, it means you are at risk of getting gum disease. That is because diabetes lowers the resistance of the body to getting an infection.

According to some research, individuals with gum disease have a hard time controlling the level of blood sugar. The same research also shows that controlling diabetes may improve the condition of your mouth.

6.     Osteoporosis

The connection between periodontal disease and osteoporosis is bone loss. The strength of the bone may easily be identified with oral health checkups, and this may help show if osteoporosis is still in its early stage.

Treating the condition in that stage is important to avoid weakening the jaw bone of the individual with periodontal disease.

Concluding Remarks!

Your oral and dental health has an impact on more than just the teeth. Poor dental and oral health may contribute a lot to issues with your nutrition, speech, and self-esteem. They may as well impact your quality of life and comfort. Ultimately, you can prevent all oral health issues, but you may keep oral health issues at bay b

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