What Are the Best Summer Foods for Your Teeth?

Summer is almost here, and that means all your favorite fruits and vegetables will soon be in season from watermelon to strawberries to cherries and more! While fruits and veggies are definitely great for your body, some are better than others when it comes to giving your teeth a healthy boost of dental care. That said, here are some of the best summer foods you can eat this season to help your teeth look and feel their best.


When it comes to summer foods, the fruit at the top of the charts every year is always watermelon. This sweet snack is rich in amino acids that help lower your blood pressure, which may potentially help lower your risk of heart attacks and stroke. Watermelon is also 92% water, which makes it ideal for those hot summer days when hydration is a must.

It’s actually this high water content that puts watermelon ahead of the game when it comes to fruits and veggies that are good for your teeth! Watermelon helps to neutralize any harmful acids in your mouth produced by cavity-causing bacteria. It also helps to wash away food and beverage particles on your teeth that serve as snacks for those bacteria. The result? Potentially fewer cavities and dental stains.


Celery is another fan favorite during the summer season. This crunchy, crispy snack is in season in mid-to-late summer and goes great with peanut butter, ranch dressing, cream cheese, and more.

Just like watermelon, celery is high in water content, which helps to wash away food and beverage particles in your mouth and neutralize harmful acids. However, celery’s power doesn’t stop there. Celery is a crunchy, fibrous food that stimulates saliva production because it needs a lot of chewing for you to digest it.

Saliva production is essential for washing away food particles and harmful acids in your mouth. The stringy celery strands also help to pull food particles from between your teeth, which can be difficult to reach without dental floss.

Apples and Pears

Apples and pears are similar in their ability to give you an extra boost of dental care. Like celery, apples and pears are fibrous. That means they gently scrub at your teeth like a kind of natural toothbrush as you chew. They also help to stimulate your gums, which is important for fighting back against gum disease.

Apple and pears have the ability to increase your natural flow of saliva, which helps to keep bacteria and the food particles that feed them away from your teeth. The skin of apples and pears can help to remove food particles and plaque between your teeth, reducing your risk of cavities.


Cucumbers are another fan-favorite during the summer months. Although cucumber can be grown and eaten year-round, its peak growing season is between May and August. Cucumber, like watermelon, is incredibly high in water content. In fact, cucumbers are made up of 96% water. This makes them great for hydrating and staying cool on hot summer days while also helping to fight back against cavity-causing bacteria.

Cucumber is also great for dental health because it’s high in fiber. According to the American Dental Association, high-fiber foods like cucumbers help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean. Additionally, because cucumbers have a naturally crunchy texture, they help to stimulate the gums and gently scrub your teeth as you chew.

Don’t Forget to Visit Your Dentist

Summer foods are definitely some of the best for keeping your teeth happy and healthy, but it’s important to remember to visit your dentist at least once every six months. Unfortunately, only 50% of U.S. adults say they visit their dentist every six months.

Regular dental care is essential for keeping cavities and gum disease at bay. And, if you skipped professional dental care visits during 2020, it’s definitely important to see your dentist to get rid of any tartar that may have built up during quarantine.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a general dentist for cleanings, fillings, crowns, and more, we’ve got you covered. Contact Loudoun Dental Associates today for more information about our dental services or to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll be more than happy to help you improve your oral health.FacebookTwitterShare

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