What is Nursing Competency Management?

Nursing competency management refers to the process of assessing, developing, and maintaining the skills and knowledge of nurses in order to ensure they provide safe and effective patient care. It involves identifying the competencies required for nursing roles and ensuring that nurses receive the necessary training and support to meet those competencies.

Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that are essential for nurses to perform their roles effectively. Competency management involves evaluating nurses’ performance against these competencies and identifying areas where they may require further training or development.

Competency management is a continuous process that involves ongoing assessment, feedback, and development. It helps to ensure that nurses are competent and confident in their roles, which leads to better patient outcomes and a safer healthcare environment.

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to provide consistent, high-quality care at the lowest possible cost. However, their nursing competency management processes for orientation, annual assessments, and staffing are inefficient. Visibility into validated skills data helps establish nursing competence throughout the organization.

Digitize orientation and annual assessments for nurses & caregivers

Gain visibility into the assessment progress at an individual level through a personalized competency profile, a team level through a matrixed view of assessment statuses, or at a unit level through reporting and analytics.

Assign relevant competencies based on roles and responsibilities.

Streamline the identification of qualified preceptors and coordination of competency assignments.

Promote accountability with defined workflows that use relevant validation methods.

Prepare for Joint Commission audits and regulatory surveys

Track proof of nursing competence for TJC compliance in detail with a flexible data model.

Regulate the assessment processes executed by qualified assessors.

Ensure regulated roles have the right coverage of requirements through standard skill and role assignment logic.

Gain insight into competence at a unit and system level with reporting and analytics.

Strategically upskill nurses and mobilize in line with dynamic healthcare environments

Forecast skills demand, create personalized development plans for caregivers and nurses and manage progress to target skills through the capability planning analytics in Kahuna.

Instill ownership through self-assessments and development plans, which supports ANCC’s Pathway to Excellence Program commitment to creating an environment that empowers and engages staff.

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