Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Washington DC
Certain phone apps make you more likely to consider cosmetic surgery. Year after year, millions of people pursue cosmetic surgery. Since 2015, there has been an almost 10% increase in the total number of surgical and non-surgical procedures. While the
Microneedling Michael Reilly, MD
Microneedling is one of the most popular treatments in plastic surgery today for skin rejuvenation.  What can it do for you and why should you believe the hype?  Read on to discover answers to these and other common questions about microneedling
Skin Care  
cosmetic dentists manassas va
It’s no surprise that 32% of people say they’re concerned with the look of their teeth considering 96% of adults believe an appealing smile makes them more attractive. Cosmetic dentistry offers those who are disappointed with their smiles the chance to give
Gluten Free Catering
The dog days of summer are upon us and with it comes gatherings and parties (with social distancing of course)! This time of year brings baby showers and weddings, birthday parties and of course summer barbecues. You’re getting excited to
Body Care
Sedation Dentist Near Me Loudoun County VA
Going to the dentist may not necessarily be your favorite activity. But for many people, dental visits are a huge source of stress and anxiety. Whether you had a traumatic experience with a dentist in your past or your inexperience
Body Care  
Originally posted here. The dog days of summer in Northern VA are here, and many of us are cooling down on these hot days with iced cold beverages and sweet treats. But before you indulge too much in those party

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