Dental Ozone Therapy
Maintain Good Hygiene and Health with Natural Dental Ozone Therapy Ozone therapy helps you not only improve your smile, but also combat and control gum disease, whiten your teeth, promote healing, sterilize the canal system during root canal therapy, and
Similar to other body areas, your mouth usually teems with bacteria, which is mostly harmless. However, your mouth can be the entry point to your respiratory and digestive tracks, and some bacteria may cause different diseases. Usually, the body’s natural
Body Care  
Smart Bone Grafts
Traditional guided bone regeneration surgery often ends in recession and soft tissue defects. There’s another way. Dr. Marie-Claire Tredinick is certified in Dr. Ernesto Lee’s SMART bone grafting technique for esthetic, stable ridge augmentation before or after placing dental implants. The
Macrene tinted moisturizer
Does your sunscreen frequently pill on your skin like an old sweater? Don’t worry, there are solutions. We checked in with a dermatologist for her tips on how to prevent sunscreen from pilling (and why it happens in the first place), because
Skin Care  
Wellness Center Buffalo NY
Technology is significantly changing the beauty industry as continuous innovation leads to a rapid rise in people seeking treatment for skin rejuvenation. Wrinkles and lines appear as we age, but there is a remedy to consider. Skin rejuvenation procedures eliminate
Skin Care   ,
Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease. If left untreated, periodontitis can cause the teeth to fall out. What Causes Periodontitis? Throughout the day, the bacteria in the mouth forms a sticky film on the teeth known as plaque.

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